2013.05.01 | Events

IMAGINARY - through the eyes of mathematics

An exhibition housed at the Steno Museum from April 5th till the end of August 2013. A unique Science and Arts experience.  

2013.04.29 | Events

First joint conference at IHÉS

QGM has supported it's first conference outside Aarhus University: The conference "Moduli Spaces and Macromolecules" at Institut des Hautes Études Scientifique (IHÉS) in France, 14-18 May 2013.

Picture: Subhojoy is presented with the 2000 DKK and a handshake by the price sponsor from ACTUA, Helge Jensen

2013.04.09 | Awards

Poster award goes to QGM-postdoc Subhojoy Gupta

Subhojoy Gupta won the poster award of 2000 DKK at the EMS/DMF Joint Mathematical Weekend 5-7 April at Aarhus University. The poster was selected by the Scientific Committee of the event. The Scientific Committee consisted of: Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen (Aarhus Univ. DK), Jeremy Gray (Open Univ. UK), Jesper Grodal (Copenhagen Univ. DK), Laurence…

2013.04.03 | Conference

EMS/DMF Joint Mathematical Weekend

QGM helps organize European Mathematics event at Aarhus University

2012.11.22 | Public/media

Tempting curves, cryptology and knots

23 upper secondary school pupils are facing an exciting weekend at Aarhus University: We welcome Math Club Weekend!

AMS inargual class of fellows 2012

2012.11.02 | Public/media

Two QGM professors - Fellows of the AMS

Henning Haahr Andersen and Nigel Hitchin are appointed Fellows in the inaugural class of Fellows of the American Mathematical Society 2012/2013.

2012.08.21 | Public/media

New Physics Prize awarded to Maxim Kontsevich

The Fundamental Physics Prize 2012 is awarded to QGM Professor Maxim Kontsevich, IHÉS, for numerous contributions.

Quantum Topology, vol. 3, issue 3/4

2012.06.28 | IT, computer science and mathematics

Double issue of Quantum Topology dedicated to QGM

A double issue of Quantum Topology (vol. 3, issue 3/4, 2012) is dedicated entirely to QGM Center Director Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen's work partly joint with other QGM researchers.

Professor Maxim Kontsevich

2012.06.27 | IT, computer science and mathematics

Maxim Kontsevich awarded The Shaw Prize

The Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences 2012 is awarded to QGM Professor Maxim Kontsevich, IHÉS

2011.11.08 | Public/media

USD 5 Million for new research network - GEAR

Science and Technology press release 8.11.2011

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