Registration of publications/research

Before you submit - Acknowledgement

For every publication, you must indicate:

  • Aarhus University as affiliation (usually you can indicate more than one affiliation if necessary)
  • a note by your name, saying:

“Supported in part by the Center of excellence grant 'Center for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces' from the Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF95)”. 

After submission / after your research trip - What to register

Please register the following in PURE:

  • conference papers
  • research publications
  • other research activities (participation/organisation science meetings, research visits, editorial tasks, international talks, outreach activities and more...)

This registration partly forms the basis for university funding and is therefore obligatory. Read more about the financial impact of PURE registrations and see types of publications & activities

NOTE: It is possible to hide publications in PURE until they have been accepted for publication.

At acceptance - Open Access

The Danish National Research Foundation has together with other large Danish funding agencies agreed to an Open Access Policy taking effect from June 2012.

This means that YOU must in connection with acceptance of an article for publication in a scientific magazine try to maintain the rights to parallel-publish an edition of the peerreviewed and accepted scientific article.


We must ensure in connection with publication - possibly after the waiting period - that the article is parallel-published = uploaded as full-text in the PURE registration.


Temporary Employees

You must register in PURE all publications which have been submitted for publication during your employment at AU. PURE allows you to hide submitted publications until they have been accepted or published.

For information and guidance ask Jane Jamshidi